Why am I doing this?

Monday – Unexpected pleasure

Continued to progress the 3.5 kilometre boundary fence a long way from the house. This day I learnt how to use the jackhammer by leaning on it to ram in the pins used to secure the fence stays. This job was actually quite enjoyable, not as hard as you would think.

Tuesday – Why am I here?

As the fence neared completion, it was time to roll out, strain up and tie on the BARBED WIRE! I walked over twice the length of the fence to ensure no tangles and the right tension. But the real challenge came when it was time to tie it on to the tops of the star pickets. By lunchtime I was ready to throw the towel in as my arms were cut and punctured from scratches and bites from those tough old barbs! Then Christopher showed me how to change my technique slightly, and the rest of the afternoon was incident free. Sigh…. do I really want to be an ace fencer? Not sure…

Wednesday – The end at last

This was the toughest day of all, as we had to put the droppers on. These are positioned between each star picket to hold the wires secure. It is a tough job as the clips are hard to apply and the tie wire is also harsh on hands – especially soft ladies hands (fast becoming fencing hands – that nail polish just doesn’t look quite right anymore!). But what a feeling when we came to the end about 11 hours later! The only thing missing were the cold beers on the truck for relief & celebration. What an achievement. Every member of the crew was stiff, sore and glad to see the end.

But the day was topped off by the ride home in the back of the ute (Nissan brakes and wheel still under repair) with a magnificent sunset, the wind in my hair and the perfect temperature, coupled with a great sense of satisfaction of a job well done…mmm… maybe it is worthwhile? Still pondering that one…

Thursday – Friday

Apart from recovery, some odd jobs and a trip to town, plans start for the next fence. At least the next one is shorter (only 1 km long) and close to the house. This means we can have a cappuccino for morning team. Yaaaeee!!!! I’m getting really good at making them now so don’t be worried about missing some city comforts when you come to visit. They go really well with fresh scones with jam and cream, Anzac biccies not to mention the jam drops!

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