The Quiet Life

Monday – Fixing things

After arriving back from town, we worked on both the bikes (two-wheeler and Quad) to get them back on the road (or should I say paddock). Things always seem to need fixing here. This country is especially hard on tyres. Chris says we should buy shares in Dunlop. We set off to check the stock and make sure none had got through the fence into the neighbours again. They were all where they should be except one of the bulls had jumped the fence, chasing a cow on heat no doubt. While we were out the battery died on the Quad. Fortunately we were able to clutch start and get home without too much drama. On other days it has been a long walk home.

Tuesday – Raining

It’s raining. We NEVER complain about the rain but it did interrupt the fencing planned for the day – do I sound disappointed? Time for some baking.

Wednesday –  Babies having Babies

While getting started on the next fence we noticed a calf in the weaners paddock. We went to investigate only to discover that one of the weaners had had a calf! Our conclusion was that she must have been “porked” (Chris’s choice of words) by one of the horny young steers before he was cut.  The poor dear must have fallen pregnant at 9 months. Normally heifers are not joined to the bull until they are 18 months old to ensure a good age before giving birth (9 months gestation). She has done well with a rather small but very healthy handsome calf.

Thursday – The Storm

Unfortunately we had to down tools a little earlier than planned today as a huge storm came over. I really felt like I was in the movie “Twister” watching it approach. It was absolutely spectacular witnessing those huge black clouds billowing overhead and rolling over the hills towards us at a great pace. The lowest clouds were so low you felt you could almost reach up and touch them; they were just above the trees.

We packed up, jumped on the tractor and whizzed back to the shed and made it in just before the downpour. We had good falls that night.

You are much more exposed to the elements out here and seem to feel that you experience everything with a heightened sense.

Friday – Draughting & Visitors

This was my favourite day this week. We got up early to muster in all the remaining weaners. I love mustering – burning around chasing cows on the quad bike. The stock agent arrived around midday to provide advice on which heifers to keep and which to sell. Draughting (sorting out the stock) is also another enjoyable task except no one asked my opinion. Sigh. Mere female.

Another visitor arrived during the morning. It is surprising how often you get visitors out here. I’d say every 2 – 3 days someone drops by: a neighbour; someone wanting to shoot on your place; a salesman; even the JW’s will drop by and leave a piece of paper (they never seem to actually want to talk to you). I never have anyone knocking on my door in Brisbane. The only annoying thing about these visitors is that they all come to see and talk to Christopher! Mere female again…there is a lot to adjust to in this lifestyle!

Please remember to plan a visit….I’m looking forward to someone coming to visit ME.

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