The Grand Entrance Complete

The Grand Entrance
The Grand Entrance

Saturday – Warwick Sales

We attended the Warwick Sales on Saturday to watch the auctioning of our smaller heifers (23) and a few steers (7). It was only a small sale with mostly hobby farmers from around Warwick district. Interesting to watch the auctioneer. They talk so fast. We sold our stock at a reasonable price and were quite happy with the outcome. The steers (young bulls who have lost their crown jewels) averaged around $405.00 and the heifers (young females yet to experience calf-birth) about $360.00. Steers always sell for more, which I find a bit perplexing. Why are they valued higher? I know that is what ends up on your table, but they can’t have steers without cows to birth them! Mmmm … more evidence of the male domination of rural life!

I got to wear my new “go to town” hat – my Akubra.

There are always lots of jobs to do when you go to town – an opportunity to go to the shops! But unfortunately there were no fashion items on the shopping list. We drove from shop to shop picking up parts for broken machines and hardware items! Not quite what I had in mind but we did fit in the compulsory cappuccino.

Monday to Wednesday – Finished the “Grand Entrance”

I actually enjoyed the fencing this week, which was intriguing and therefore I spent time trying to figure out why. (You have lots of time to think while you are fencing). Was it because I now have a pair of my own fencing pliers (should I admit that?); or was it because I was actually making a valid contribution both to the design and construction; but mostly I think it was because I could see the end and it will be a few weeks before we have to start on the next fence! Thank goodness fencing isn’t the only job to do around here!

Thursday & Friday – Spraying Galvanized Burr

Now that the “grand entrance” is finished it is time to turn our attention to weed control. Unfortunately grass isn’t the only thing that does well in a good season – so do the weeds and the regrowth! Galvanized burr is a nasty nasty weed with burrs quite similar to the barbs in barbed wire. You can’t walk around here with bare feet and are taking a risk with thongs. It was time to fill up the 50-litre tank on the back of the quad and set off to spray some bad patches around the house and entrance. You add red dye to the mix so you can see where you have sprayed and to ensure you don’t double up or miss bits. Another job that provides lots of time to think …

When they grade the road the seeds get exposed so it is prolific on the sides of the road. Doesn’t complement our “grand entrance”!

At least it is light relief from fencing and anything with the quad bike is fun in my books!

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