Settling into rural life

Week 5-6 – Trip to Hong Kong & Dubai

We had a wonderful time visiting our son and his wife in Dubai with an interesting stop in Hong Kong on the way. Definitely a place to visit, especially if you enjoy camping. Four-wheel driving and camping and in the desert were definitely the highlight.

Week 7– Visit to the shearing shed

On our return to the property after world travels, we had to check the stock to make sure they still had adequate water and feed and to make sure they were all still within our property. All a-okay.

A quick trip to the neighbours provided an interesting opportunity to watch some shearing in action. Somehow I have always thought of shearing as an historical phenomenon – something that shaped and moulded our nation; felt some sense of “awe” for anyone called a “shearer”. So it was enlightening to witness this is a day-to-day occurrence and business-as-usual in rural Australia.

I was surprised to see the number of “shaving cuts” administered in the process. But I’m sure those sheep were glad to shed that heavy coat – a year’s growth of wool. Each fleece is thrown across the classing table while the woolclasser’s inspect, separate, sort and throw the wool into the relevant classing bins. Hot hard works for all: humans, sheep and of course the dogs.

Week 8 – Quick renovations & German Visitors

We spent a busy week preparing our city apartment for rental (long days). Though it is with sadness that I say a temporary good-bye to our river city dwelling, moving out has been the most helpful step in adjusting to my new life. I’ve been quite amazed to feel so satisfied to have all my belongings in one place. Somehow having two homes had made me feel “split” inside.

Though there is more adjusting to do, I’m feeling very happy to settle into life at Spring Creek permanently.

It was great to entertain our first VB visitors since my departure. Birgit, TJ & Linnea soaked up some country air (not to mention beer & wine). I was proud to show them the “grand entrance”, the 3.5 kilometre fence and I think a highlight for TJ was seeing the star lit sky at night; an awesome spectacle.

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