Rural Women in Conversation

Rural women in conversation

Hungry for stimulating conversation?

Looking for opportunity to make new connections?

Finding the tyranny of distance isolating?

Conversations bring new opportunities...

Let's talk

Four Events 2019
February, May, August, October

1:45 pm  for 2pm start on a Saturday afternoon

Located in the Traprock District in South East Queensland

Come to talk or come simply to listen.

BYO drinks and plate to share

Proposed future Topics

21st Century Role Models
Deep thinking (critical thinking?)
Modern day manners
Finance and Retirement planning

Make up and Colours
Endurance and perseverance
Goal setting

You are invited to gather with other rural women for the sole purpose of stimulating, vibrant conversation.
Hungry to learn from others? Hungry to grow intellectually?

Event 9Privacy on-line

Rosemary Hill Orchard, 1:45 pm, Saturday, 8th February, 2020

Back by popular demand ... Mel Tesch is returning to build further on how to manage your privacy on-line. In this follow-on from last year, Mel will take us deeper into the privacy settings of popular platforms, such as browsers and social medial platforms. You will need to come with your notebook and pen in hand.

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Event 10Women's Issues?

Spring Creek Station, 1:45 pm, Saturday, 16th May, 2020

Our most popular event to-date was our conversation on Feminism. So we decided to follow up this discussion with another event, dedicated to women's issues. We will work to invite a guest speaker and details will emerge as our planning progresses.

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Event 11: What is a home?

Location Rosemary Hill, 1:45 pm, Saturday, 15th August, 2020

What makes you feel ‘at home’ - for example, when you are: relocating, migrating, a refugee or retiring? When you were moving jobs/house/place early in your life, what did you find you always took with you? What would you take with you if you had to leave your home suddenly?

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Event 12Vulnerability: A strength or weakness?

Location Spring Creek Station, 1:45 pm, Saturday, 31st October, 2020

We all hate to be vulnerable. But is it appropriate in some circumstances? How does vulnerability relate to trust? Can we share experiences where we have been vulnerable in the past, and it's caused us to become defensive? Is this the best response?

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