Quirky things about cows - Margôt Tesch, Writer
September 16, 2015

Quirky things about cows

Cows have their own greeting ritual – touching noses. Some can’t be bothered.

Cows have best friends. If one gets let out of the yards before the other, she will wait patiently for her before going off to find food and water.

When a cow is enjoying talking to you, she will shake her head and blow out of her nose.

When they are happy they kick up their back legs and twist their bodies in excitement.

I’ve even seen them, on occasion, stick their tails straight up in the air like a flag. I’m still not quite sure whether this signifies alarm or joy. Either way, it’s quite funny.

Often one cow will care for another if it is sick or lame. For example, she will wait for her friend, nudge her, call and encourage her. Others aren’t interested.

If one cow is a different colour from the rest, other cows will reject her. They will push her away by head-butting and chasing her.

Some cows are bullies and will push others away from feeding bins, hogging it for themselves.


Any chance these behaviours remind you of someone you know?



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