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From Stanthorpe - head towards Texas. Detour to the right toward Inglewood. about 6ks along the road turn right into Inverary Road. You will come to the Spring Creek top grid in aboutd 7k. Cross the grid. The house is about 7ks along on the right.

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Spring Creek Station 1:45 pm for 2:10 start Saturday, 18th May, 2019

Should we be worried about big data mining and monitoring? What practical steps can we take to avoid risks of exploitation? Exploring this topic will help us gain a better understanding of what fears maybe warranted and what actions we can take to mitigate the risks in our own on-line interactions.

What are we afraid of?
We'll kick off our discussion by giving each participant an opportunity to share what scares them most about social media and using the internet. Financial exploitation? Data mining? Privacy intrusion? Stolen identity?

Privacy and Social Media

Introducing our guest: Melanie Tesch

Melanie Tesch is a well rounded digital marketer with over 10 years experience in agency and client-side work.

Graduating from The University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing, Mel soon found her niche in digital marketing.
Mel has managed a number of client’s digital projects such as application development, search and social campaigns, with brands including QUT, Heritage Bank, Life Without Barriers, Opera Queensland and now Muscle Coach Supplements.

Today, Mel is the National Marketing Manager and is responsible for running every aspect of the business including digital marketing and targeted advertising on social media platforms.

Muscle Coach is a fitness supplements company with six retail stores and an online store. At Muscle Coach Mel heads up the overall marketing strategy and produces daily content including posts, promotional videos, email marketing campaigns, competitions and digital promotions to reach its target audience to generate relationships with their customers and increase sales. Mel has been independently responsible for significant growth in the business, especially online, achieving sales targets in record time because of her ability to maximise digital platforms for marketing reach and returnon investment (ROI).

From a personal perspective, Mel uses some social media platforms and is passionate about understanding the risks to privacy and data management in the online space and takes a great interest in the latest digital trends.

Mel will touch on such points of interest as follows:
Some knowledge she has garnered about how Facebook interacts with websites ... a look 'under the hood' of their use of cookies and more.

The power of Facebook's reach and it's influence on branding, capturing and selling data.

Use of credit card on-line - the real risks and the imagined. 

​Password Management
Managing our ever increasing Password list is a nightmare we all share. We'll spend some time sharing what strategies we each use to manage and remember important passwords.

​Practical Tips - How to be a better digital native
We'll end the day by constructing a list of tips and tricks that emerge from the discussion ... something practical and useful to take home.

How the event will run

How the event will run

1:45      Arrive and share a tea/coffee/wine and a quick chat
2:10       Introductions and checkin on rules of engagement
2:15       What are we afraid of in regard to online interactions? Round Robin
2:30       Introduce Mel Tesch
2:35       Discussions around Facebook, advertising, cookies, branding
3:05       Password management - how do we keep track safely
3:35       Practical Tips - what can we do to better protect ourselves in the virtual world?
3:55       Touch base to confirm next topic
4:00       Finish formalities, group to enjoy refreshments as travel commitment allows

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