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Four Events 2019
February, May, August, October

1:45 pm - Saturday Afternoon

​Spring Creek Station
​1407 Spring Creek Road
Cement Mills  QLD  4352

Come to talk or come simply to listen.

Afternoon tea and drinks provided. Just bring yourself.

Directions to location:

From Stanthorpe - head towards Texas. Detour to the right toward Inglewood. about 6ks along the road turn right into Inverary Road. Follow Spring Creek Road. The house is about 7ks from the grid on the right

From Warwick/Inglewood - Follow the Cunningham Highway until you get to the Gore Roadhouse. Turn into Cement Mills Road (opposite the Gore Store). Turn left into Spring Creek Road, about 14ks. The house is another 14ks on the left.

11 ladies gathered at Spring Creek Station for a lighthearted look at fashion and how it influences our lives. Each of the ladies had carefully selected a conversational piece - something hidden in the wardrobe or an old favourite.

We had a mixture of outfits from the Miss Coombundgee Show Princess (1980) to an abaya (muslim outfit). Check out the gallery of photos below.

The day was enhanced by a late unexpected visit from Camilla Hall ( Camilla is a designer and brought some of her unique collection. After our discussion, we had the pleasure of trying on her wares. Camilla's yoga mat's were particularly stunning.

What did we learn?

We should be drawn to fashion items, that feel comfortable, suit our body shape and complement our personality.

How the event will run

How the event ran

1:45      Arrived and shared a tea/coffee/wine and a quick chat
2:05       Round robin - why we chose our outrageous outfit    
2:30       Discussion point ONE - Fashion trends
2:50       Discussion point TWO - Identify with social identities
3:15       Discussion Point THREE - Faking it until you make it
3:30       Discussion Point FOUR - Mutton dressed up as lamb

3:55       Check in on next topic and how we might use the funding we have received
4:00       Finish formalities, group enjoyed refreshments and Camilla's collection as travel commitment allowed

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