True Story

Beyond Belief

True story of faith, denial and betrayal​

​Sometimes it's difficult to find the courage to believe the truth, especially when everything within you does not want to believe it.

​This is the dilemma Megan White faces after her desperate escape from the illicit drug scene. Wanting to make a better life for herself and perhaps make an impression on the world to help others, she becomes entrapped within a large evangelical church. Despite the infidelity and hypocrisy she witnesses amongst the leadership she finds it difficult to escape.

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the inside story of addiction

Mind Minders

When faced with a crisis, it's the conversations in our head that can make or break us.

Jay has found her real mother, Alice. This life changing news enables her to 'see' herself in the mirror for the first time in years. She is deeply shocked. Her body is deteriorating rapidly due to her drug addiction. Jay faces a further crisis when her speed-addicted partner, Eric, makes a sale involving a toddler, screaming for her mother not to take the drug.

How can Jay meet her birth-mother and find out the mystery of her beginnings with her head held high, when her heart is torn with such shame?

Zanian Warrior


You never know what's hiding in the bush ...

​Izzy is a Zãnian warrior living in the Australian bush. Her ability to mirror another's feelings sets her apart from her peers.

Zãnians, a race of four inch tall beings, are struggling to survive as Zeredoç, their god, has stopped visiting them. They must find a way to save themselves.

This is my current major work and while over 70,000 words have been written I've still more to do before publishing.​

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