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Balancing cattle property management with creativity

Working as an IT professional for decades was a great career. I loved it: worked hard, earned a good living and made some great friends. But I decided to walk away in 2008. It was about re-engineering my life for a healthier lifestyle. It wasn't a minor change, it was mega. I joined my husband Chris, managing a 10,000 acre cattle property in South East Queensland.

Oh my goodness.

I had no idea when I made that decision, just how difficult it would be to adjust to living remotely – 60km to the nearest shop! Nor did I appreciate the challenges I would face running a primary production enterprise. I was compelled to blog about my experiences.

Thus my website was born.

Years on, I'm still driven, but now my energy is channelled into learning more about life. I'm consumed by ideas in philosophy, religion, neuroscience, addiction, cultural theories, feminist theory ... and more. These themes weave their way into my writing.

Ultimately I want to write in a way that encourages my readers to think and talk. Words are so often the impetus for change ... whether its simply gaining new knowledge or bringing about a  shift in long-held perceptions.

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