Rural Women in Conversation - Margôt Tesch, Writer

Rural women in conversation

Hungry for stimulating conversation?

Looking for opportunity to make new connections?

Finding the tyranny of distance isolating?

Conversations bring new opportunities...

Let's talk

​Four Events 2018
February, May, August, November

2:00 pm - On a Saturday afternoon

Spring Creek Station
1407 Spring Creek Road
Cement Mills  QLD  4352

Come to talk or come simply to listen.

BYO drinks and supper to share

You are invited to gather with other rural women for the sole purpose of stimulating, vibrant conversation.
Hungry to learn from others? Hungry to grow intellectually?


"Rosemary Hill", 2:00 pm, Saturday, 26th May, 2018

We are thrilled to announce our guest speaker: Robin Francis, president of the Brisbane Women's Club

Feminism Should I care

Robin has had a long career in leadership and management development in Australian public and not-for-profit sectors and currently runs her own consultancy business in leadership development. She has made a significant contribution in the areas of cross-sectoral leadership development as Qld State Manager for Social Leadership Australia and previously as Head of Executive Development for the Queensland Public Service. She played a major role in introducing new approaches to leadership development and capability building across the Queensland Public Sector, including experiential development methods, scenario planning, international forums, coaching, and cross-departmental leadership networks that fostered innovation and collaboration in policy thinking and service delivery. Her national and international experience in Asia focussed on building leadership and management capability in health care sectors.

Some questions to kick start our thinking on this topic

- How has feminism improved life for rural women?
- Have we gone far enough?
- Is feminism a dirty word? Should it be?
- What can we do to improve opportunities for our daughters?

How the event will run



Arrive and share a tea/coffee/wine and a quick chat (please bring a plate to share)
 Introductions. Call for the group's perceptions of "what is feminism"
Guest Speaker, Robin Francis will share a little of the history of the Brisbane Women's club and her perceptions on feminism today, followed by questions
Discussion and debate
Finish formalities, group invited to enjoy refreshments

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Mud map with directions will be available soon.

Spring Creek Station, 2:00 pm, Saturday, 25th August, 2018

Which model do you subscribe to? Why?
What are the benefits of thinking about addiction from each of these perspectives?

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Event 4Creativity: a gift or a learned behaviour?

Spring Creek Station, 2:00 pm, Saturday, 10th November, 2018

Is it possible for everyone to be creative or is this a special magical gift belonging to a privileged few?

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