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Four Events 2019
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1:45 pm - Saturday Afternoon

Spring Creek Station
1407 Spring Creek Road
Cement Mills  QLD  4352

Come to talk or come simply to listen.

BYO drinks and plate to share

Directions to Spring Creek:

From Stanthorpe - head towards Texas. Detour to the right toward Inglewood. about 6ks along the road turn right into Inverary Road. You will come to the Spring Creek top grid in aboutd 7k. Cross the grid. The house is about 7ks along on the right.

From Warwick/Inglewood - Follow the Cunningham Highway until you get to the Gore Roadhouse. Turn into Cement Mills Road (opposite the Gore Store). Turn left into Spring Creek Road in about 14ks. Spring Creek Station is 14ks along on the left.

Spring Creek Station 1:45 pm for 2:10 start Saturday, 18th May, 2019

Should we be worried about big data mining and monitoring? What practical steps can we take to avoid risks of exploitation? What social norms are emerging on social media platforms? How should we behave when we use them? What do we like about what other people do? What annoys us? Share views on the benefits and the dis-benefits of this invasive medium in our lives.

Discussion Point ONE - ​Are we afraid?
​​Each participant will be given an opportunity to share what scares them most about social media and using the internet? Financial exploitation? Data mining? Privacy intrusion? Stolen identity? What is that influences your decisions and why?

Privacy and Social media

Introducing our guest: Yet to be advised
Short bio of our guest, yet to be inserted

Discussion Point TWO - ​Targeted advertising. Is it good?
One of the main purposes of gathering our information is so that social media platforms can target advertising, i.e. streamline putting forward products and services that interest. Is this okay? If so, why? If not, why? 

How the event will run

How the event will run

1:45      Arrive and share a tea/coffee/wine and a quick chat
2:10       Introductions and checkin on rules of engagement
2:15       Discussion point ONE
2:30       Introduce our guest
3:30       Discussion Point TWO
4:00       Finish formalities, group to enjoy refreshments as travel commitment allows

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