Little people in the Australian bush ... 

Zanian Warrior

The inspiration for this work comes from the idea of mirror neurons. Mirror neurons are an interesting neurological phenomenon. When you are watching someone, for example playing tennis, the same neural networks are operating in your brain as the person you are watching.

The idea that my neurological state is directly affected by who I'm watching and who I'm with, fascinates me. I wanted to explore this in my writing and it seemed most fitting to create a fantasy setting to enable my creativity to explore new boundaries.

Writing fantasy takes creativity to a new level requiring the creation of a new species (Zãnians) with their own cultural practises and values. This major work is still under construction and may well turn into a series of stories. I hope to have a working manuscript for an initial narrative arc by the end of 2016.

Margôt Tesch

Margôt Tesch

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Margôt Tesch

The Author: Margôt Tesch

What drives my creativity is a passion to challenge myself and my readers to think about the world differently. I want to probe the deep themes of life and the human condition. What's wonderful about creative writing is that the process itself enables me, as a writer, to immerse myself in scenarios and concepts beyond my lived experience. I'm enabling my readers to do the same. 

This process of writing and reading creates an opportunity to challenge existing perceptions. This encapsulates the power we all have within us to change and gives hope for ourselves, our loved ones and ... the world.

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Margôt Tesch

Margôt Tesch

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