Feeding Out - Margôt Tesch, Writer
June 13, 2008

Feeding Out

Week 17 – Mustering and Weaning

This week Spring Creek undertook a serious muster. We needed to round up ALL the cows and separate the larger calves (i.e. over 90 kg). This meant we had to sweep every paddock to ensure we had found them ALL – long hard days mustering in difficult terrain.  By the end I had such a sore butt I really wanted to get off my mechanical horse for a few weeks!

Aubrey and his family were visiting with us this week and helped put the calves through the yards – drenching, inoculating, weighing and checking the sex. We also needed to castrate the young bulls. Aubrey was quite interested to check this out. We had a friend, Neil, come and assist. He used a very sharp knife and threw the testicles into a bucket – a bucket full of balls! Yuk! Though, I must admit, now that I’ve been through the process a few times it doesn’t seem so gross. I’ve even touched them! Picked them up when Neil missed the bucket. I guess he was intent on withdrawing the next testicle. He took the bucket home for his dogs to eat. They will take a couple of weeks to heal.

Week 18 & 19 – Calf Feeding

Over these weeks we concentrated on getting our calf feeding setup complete. This meant design and construction of feeders for the calf crumbles and the sorghum stubble.

We also need to train the calves – get them used to a regular feeding process. This also helps them to adjust to being around humans. We call them in the morning “C’Mon” when we feed them. In the future we hope to be able to muster them by calling them. That’s the plan…

We now have our calf-feeding setup fully operational. Every morning we get up and feed them calf crumbles (which they scoff down very quickly).

We have over 100 claves in the house paddock who wake us up every morning around 6:30. I pat them while they are feeding and while they don’t particularly like it, they suffer it. Sometimes they sniff or lick my hand.

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