Creativity: A gift or learned? - Margôt Tesch, Writer

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Four Events 2019
February, May, August, October

1:45 pm - Saturday Afternoon

Glengelg Station
Cement Mills Road Road
Cement Mills  QLD  4352

Come to talk or come simply to listen.

BYO drinks and plate to share

Directions to Glenelg:

From Stanthorpe - head towards Texas. Detour to the right toward Inglewood. about 6ks along the road turn right into Inverary Road. Follow Spring Creek Road and turn right into Cement Mills Road. Glenelg is a couple of ks on the left.

From Warwick/Inglewood - Follow the Cunningham Highway until you get to the Gore Roadhouse. Turn into Cement Mills Road (opposite the Gore Store). Glenelg is about 12 ks on the right.

Glenelg Station 1:45 pm for 2:00 start Saturday, 16th February, 2019

We've all heard someone say "I don't have a creative bone in my body", or perhaps we've said it ourselves at some point. Is this true? Are some of us capable of creativity and some of us not? Or is it an inherent capability in all of us?

Definition of Creativity: the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness

Debate Point ONE - ​​Creativity and ​entrepreneurship
'inventiveness': Would you consider entrepreneurship to be creative? Are Entrepreneurs born or are they made? What motivates an entrepreneur?  How can we train ourselves to be an entrepreneur?

Debate Point TWO - ​Creativity and innovation
What drives someone to innovate? Is it a gift of ingenuity? Or is it a drive to solve a problem? What kind of creative solutions have you come up with in your life ... at work, at home, as a parent?

Debate Point THREE - ​Creativity and artistic expression
Are artists born that way? What do we need to do if we want to be able to express ourselves in some form of artistic medium?

​Debate Point FOUR - ​Creativity ... a jolly good idea
Is creativity the ability for an individual to come up with 'a jolly good idea'? What kind of practise can we develop in our daily life to stimulate ourselves to be more creative?

How the event will run

How the event will ran

1:45      Arrive and share a tea/coffee/wine and a quick chat
2:10       Introductions and checkin on rules of engagement
2:15       Debate Point ONE - Creativity and entrepreneurship
2:35       Debate Point TWO - Creativity and Innovation
2:55       Debate Point THREE - Creativity and artistic expression
3:15       Debate Point FOUR - Creativity: a jolly good idea?
3:35       Round robin for those willing to share an experience or innovation
3:55       Location for next event
4:00       Finish formalities, group to enjoy refreshments as travel commitment allows

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Conversations bring new opportunities . . .