Margôt Tesch

Hi, I'm Margôt Tesch

What drives my creativity is a passion to challenge myself and my readers to think about the world differently. I want to probe the deep themes of life and the human condition. What's wonderful about creative writing is that the process itself enables me, as a writer, to immerse myself in scenarios and concepts beyond my lived experience. I'm enabling my readers to do the same.

This process of writing and reading creates an opportunity to challenge existing perceptions. This encapsulates the power we all have within us to change and gives hope for ourselves, our loved ones and even the world.

In 2008 I left my IT consultancy role at a large airline in Brisbane to join my husband Chris, on our 10,000 acre cattle grazing property in South East Queensland. It was one of those decisions you make without realising the cost. It took me quite a few years to adjust.

Once the dust settled, I threw myself into a new career in creative writing, completing my Master of Arts (Writing) in 2012. Check out my Books page to see what I've been writing about.

Having stepped out of my fundamental Christian faith over a decade ago, it's been a fascinating journey of discovery into new knowledge without the constraint of the ideology. However, I remain fascinated by the power humans have to believe pretty crazy stuff at times. I'm also fascinated by addiction, having had to wrestle with several of my own over my lifetime.

Basically I'm interested in human behaviour - focussing on neurology, philosophy, religion and changing male and female role models. Being on a journey of continual learning, I explore these topics in my writing. I want to write to challenge my reader ... to challenge them to view the world (and themselves) differently.

My goal is to write thought provoking, emotionally captivating, compelling work.

Margôt Tesch

Margôt Tesch

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