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Hi, I'm Margôt Tesch

What drives my creativity is a passion to challenge myself and my readers to think about the world differently. I want to probe the deep themes of life and the human condition. What's wonderful about creative writing is that the process itself enables me, as a writer, to immerse myself in scenarios and concepts beyond my lived experience. I'm enabling my readers to do the same.

This process of writing and reading creates an opportunity to challenge existing perceptions. This encapsulates the power we all have within us to change and gives hope for ourselves, our loved ones and even the world.

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What shapes our sense of identity?

For a long time I've held the view that my sense of identity is three-pronged: who I think I am, who I think others think I am, and who I actually am. It's a complex topic but I recently questioned the aspect: 'who I think others think I am'. Should we care what others think of us? [...]

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The secret to achieving what you never believed you could

"Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds."  This quote by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich got me thinking. My limitations are what I perceive them to be, but ... are they real? Yeah, maybe. But sometimes ... maybe not. This set me on a train of thought. It's very easy to tell myself a story to justify avoiding challenges put before me; in fact, [...]

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Benefits of Addiction

So you think I'm crazy, using a headline like that? Maybe, but I've been reading a couple of great books and they got me thinking ... there are benefits to addiction. These benefits are only attainable if you become addicted and then get over it (as I'm told most people actually do).Equivalent Advantage In Napoleon Hill's classic novel Think and Grow Rich, he repeatedly says: [...]

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How to Throw a Fleece

I recently had the opportunity to work in a woolshed as a woolhandler (more fondly known as 'rousabout'). Knowing how to throw a fleece is vital. I'm still learning. Sometimes they land nicely, sometimes not. Right is Sandy Batterham mid-throw. He has good height and it looks to be coming down nicely.More... Graeme hard at workThe shearer sets the pace and it can be pre [...]

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Margôt Tesch

Margôt Tesch

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